Monarch Garage Doors

Our Rolladoor Garage Doors from Warm Protection Products are designed to fit inside your garage and discreetly roll away behind the brickwork. This creates precious space within your garage and on your driveway by allowing you to park within an inch of the door.

Features include:

  • Electrically operated motor with manual emergency handwind. 
  • Remote control operation with 2 hand held transmitters and internal switch. 
  • Photo cell safety beam which detects obstructions in the line of door when closing. 
  • Internal courtesy light which activates when the door is operated. 
  • Thick brush lined guide rails to ensure smooth, quite operation. 
  • Aluminium insulated foam filled Rolladoor curtain in a choice of 5 colours. 
  • Tight rubber bottom rail seal to close off and seal Rolladoor to the floor. 
  • Auto locking device to lock Rolladoor secure.
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